Treating ADHD with brain entrainment

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Treating ADHD with brain entrainment


ADHD is a brain disorder that affects many children and even adults. It is important to manage the condition for you to enhance the quality of your life. There are many ways of treating the condition including the use of medication. With the use of medication, the doctor prescribes some drugs that can control and stabilize the mood. However, the use of therapy like brain entrainment has been found to be one of the best ways of treating the condition. Brain entrainment uses beats that are directed to control some specific parts of the brain and treat the condition.

Brain entrainment for ADHD

Improve flow of blood

Most of the children and people who have ADHD have a poor flow of blood in tman using headphonehe front part of the brain. The poor flow of blood is what causes symptoms like lack of attention and concentration which are common with people with ADHD. The main aim is to encourage the flow of blood to all parts of the brain. The beats that are produced during brain entrainment cause blood to flow to the different parts of the brain. This is what lowers most of the symptoms that are associated with ADHD.

Attention and focus

Children living with ADHD have a problem with staying focused and this is one of the main reasons why brain entrainment works well. During a brain entrainment session, the child will be given headphones and listen to the beats. Listening to the specific beats provides a learning experience by teaching them how to focus. The skills that are gained through the session will help them in other activities where one is required to stay focused.

Enhance memory

Enhancing memory is one of the benefits of brain entrainment for ADHD patients. Most of the people living with ADHD have a problem remembering even the slightest memories. By training the brain with this therapy. It becomes possible to boost the brain, and it is now possible to retain memories that would have been otherwise lost.


No use of medication

It is possible to use brain entrainment to manage ADHD without necessary using any medication. This is a better way of managing the problem without the use of any drugs due to side effects and other issues associated with the medication.

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