An Overview of Orthodontics Treatment

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An Overview of Orthodontics Treatment


Correcting bite and straightening teeth is one of the effective ways of reducing dental issues. It can also help the patient in smiling more confidently. Straight teeth are also helpful in reducing the build-up of plague, which is one of the leading causes of gum diseases. It will also help you in speaking better and chewing food properly.

Some of the recommended orthodontic treatment options include clear ceramic braces, traditional metal braces, lingual archwires, partial treatments, removable appliances, and Invisalign trays. Going through this post is going to help you in knowing the best Orthodontics treatment in Baton Rouge. This is mainly determined by the degree of misalignment and severity of the bite.

Irrespective of the treatment method used, your braces are supposed to straighten your teeth. This will, in turn, help you in chewing and biting correctly. It will also help you in improving your oral hygiene and appearance.

Correcting a misaligned bite using braces

Braces are effective in correcting a bad bite. The common types of misaligned bites include overjet, cross bites, and open bites. This is a close relationship between crooked teeth and bad bites. Both of them can be fixes using braces. This treatment is also done in those jaws that are not properly aligned. Orthodontic treatment is helpful in preventing future problems like extra wear to the enamel, chewing and speech problems. The following are the main types of orthodontic treatment optionsbraces

Invisible braces

Invisible or invisalign braces are made using pliable materials. They are well designed to fit snugly to the patient’s teeth. They are meant to apply a slight adjustment to the teeth. They are removable. This means that they can be taken out while drinking, eating, flossing and brushing. They are helpful in maintaining healthy oral habits. Yiu can also remove them for special occasions.

Traditional metal braces

They are comprised of metal brackets. They are the most common types of braces. The modern metal braces are more comfortable and much sleek as compared to the traditional ones. This is mainly attributed to the recent advancements in technology. They can be made more vibrant by adding colours.

Partial orthodontic treatment

Sometimes, you may come across some people who don’t need full sets of braces. They might be having just a few teeth that need to be aligned. Partial orthodontic treatment is mainly done for an aesthetic purpose. It is also done when preparing the patients for other dental procedures such as restorations, dental implants or periodontics.orthodontic treatment

Clear braces

These braces are less noticeable as compared to the other types. Ideally, they are made using materials that are transparent. Their functionality is similar to that of the traditional metal braces.

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