Tips to Identify Premium E-Liquid

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Tips to Identify Premium E-Liquid


It’s frustrating to spend your premium dollar only to find what you bought was not worth the buck. That gives you a hard hit on the backside. But most of the time, it’s because you had no other clue to help you know that the product you bought is not worth its price. If you had known what to look for beforehand, it could save you a lot of frustration. Here are some few tips to carry with you when you go shopping for e-liquids so that you don’t end up with low-quality vape.


guy vapingDo Quality Checks

Low-quality e-liquid contains chemicals like Diacetyl and Acetyl P, which have harmful effects on you. They cause popcorn lung and irritation. Check for these. You should also check that the liquid contains no floating particles. As such, it has pure nicotine which does not give an after taste of burnt pepper. The liquid should also have a smooth but not harsh taste. This shows it got steeped by the company, which is a mark of great quality. Then, it shouldn’t have a bad odor or foul taste, these point to low quality. Great brands ensure they have these pointers checked.


Check Your Vaping Device

Low-quality e-liquid contains sweeteners that can spoil your vaping device. One such chemical is sucralose. This binds on the inner coils of your device or e-cigarette and makes them harden with time. As such, they cannot function well, which destroys the vaping device with time. If the brand you are using cripples your device, it’s worth to think of another option. Premium quality liquids do not clog your device.


Go for Unique Taste

After all, what do you buy it for if not the taste of it? Taste is a top indicator of a premium product. Apart from smooth taste and lack of harshness, a unique taste is key to having locked on a premium product. This shows that the brand has taken its time to make its blends other than importing foreign flavors for making the product. Making personal brands helps companies come up with unique and valuable products, which are worth going for.


Check for Accreditation

It is important to go a step further and learn whether an accredited company produced the brand you are buying. That means they have been certified for credibility, competency, and authority. This is a useful marker towards getting a better product.


Bottom Line

Getting the right e-liquid ensures you have the premium quality. To do this, choose a brand from an accredited company, check for quality markers, check for uniqueness, and the product should not damage your vaping device. Vibleo brands can be a great place to get such stuff and keep you enjoying the next whiff of vape.

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