Ways in Which Rosemary Can Benefit Your Health

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Ways in Which Rosemary Can Benefit Your Health

the rosemary herb

Rosemary is an aromatic herb whose origin is believed to be the Mediterranean region, although it is now grown all over. Thanks to its warm, bitter taste and the pleasant aroma, it is used as a flavor for various foods. Besides, the herb can be used in tea, as an essential oil, or as a liquid extract. However, the most creative use of rosemary is in bread to make rosemary bread. That way, you will ensure the use of quality ingredients and observing hygienic standards for your family’s health besides saving some cash.

Below are some health benefits of rosemary that supports why you should eat rosemary bread and use it in other dishes:

Treating Muscle Pains and Aches

muscle ache and painAccording to some early studies, patients experiencing pains associated with arthritis can get relief from consuming a combination of hops, rosemary, and oleanolic acid. Moreover, German Commission E has approved rosemary oil as a topical treatment for the muscle and pain linked to arthritis. It is also used to enhance circulation and as an antioxidant helps to boost body immunity.

Relieving Mental Tiredness

anxiety and mental tirednessThere are conflicting results on the effect of rosemary on mental energy. Some early researches show that rosemary does not positively affect the mental energy of adults suffering from low energy levels. But other studies results show that the herb can help relieve the stress of undertaking tests and ease anxiety.

Furthermore, rosemary is believed to be a cognitive stimulant and could be useful for boosting memory performance and quality. It is also well known for enhancing alertness, concentration, and intelligence. Some people also link the aroma of the herb can help to improve the moods, clear the mind, and alleviate stress among individuals with chronic anxiety and imbalanced stress hormones.

Treating Indigestion and Other Gastric Problems

The evidence is quite scanty on rosemary, helping with indigestion, stomach upset, and gas problems. However, some reports indicate that rosemary is used for indigstion in Europe and is even approved by German Commission E, which examines the efficacy and safety of herbs. Some people have also used the herb for ages to deal with heartburn, loss of appetite, liver and gall bladder issues, and intestinal gas.
With the above health benefits of the rosemary, you have all reason make and consume rosemary bread. Besides, rosemary also enhances skin health and promotes hair growth among those with balding issues.

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